Tuesday, September 2, 2014

On the go...

I had a great long weekend with lots of sewing.  With being back to work, I was away for a bit of last weekend for a work thing and then spent Sunday making and canning salsa so sewing was on the back burner.  I have to say I was suffering a little sewing withdrawal.  I have also been having sewing machine woes.  I wore out the automatic thread cutter on my Janome Horizon 7700.  Seriously.  Apparently it is a first for my sewing machine shop.  I do use it a lot.  Anyway, the folks at the shop were lovely and helpful and got everything sorted away once the part came in and I am back in business for only the price of the part... no labour!  Really nice!

So what was I up to?  I worked on a few secret projects.  More on that later  and I made great progress on my scrap buster two project.  As you can see in the picture above, this is growing by leaps and bounds.  I stood on a chair to place the blocks way up high!  And I am busting a lot of scraps.  Even the white has been from scraps.  Bonus!

When I got tired of making scrap blocks, I made a bag for Mum out of some pretty thrift store home decor fabric she found somewhere.  I just have to attach the handles.  I used this tutorial.  I am not using leather handles as you can see.  Rather, I made my own with 2.5" strips folded and pressed into nice narrow handles but the same length of the recommended leather handles.  I think Mum will like it.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Vintage goodness

Mum was down for a visit.  She usually brings a few boxes of stuff or "junk" as Husband would say.  Mum has told us that when she finally comes with an empty vehicle, that will mean she is moving in.  In the shipment this time, were a whack of vintage sheets, including some in original packaging.  Super awesome!  Even better was that she found them during a bag sale and paid a whooping $5 for the lot of them.

Mum also brought a box of her fabric scraps.  The old ones.  We went through the box and there are fabrics dating back to the 40s with a whole lot of 50s and a bunch of 60s fabrics.  All cottons and all perfectly awesome.  I recognize a lot of the fabrics as scraps from clothes Mum made for us.  Many of the fabrics were from things she made for herself as a teen.  So fun!    Love the flying books.  I carefully pressed a bunch of them and will start to use some of them in projects.  Good junk!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

What am I doing?

I have not been sewing much.  But I have been busy.  I am back to work.  That is one thing.  And then Mum came to visit.  Mum came bearing gifts.  Lots of fun vintage sheets which I have not yet taken pics of and a whole box of fabulous vintage fabric.  Real vintage fabric from the 40s and 50s.  Squeal!  She also brought tomatoes, peppers and grapes.  And her dehydrator.  We got chopping on Sunday.  Mostly Husband got chopping.  Mum took care of the grapes from her vines and they are now raisins.  I haven't bought raisins for years.  Thanks Mum!

Anyway.  Much chopping and stirring and simmering later, we had 53 pints of salsa and one part jar.  It took us all day but now our children and their significant others will be happy as cupcakes.  They like our salsa.  Daughter's special someone says that I have ruined him for store bought salsa.  What a sweetie.

My sewing machine is now equipped with a snazzy new automatic thread cutter.  Apparently, I am the first one to have worn out a thread cutter in all the Janome Horizon 7700s that my local Janome shop has sold.  What does that say?

Sewing this weekend.  For sure.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Just a bit of fabric for a Monday...

I was doing a little shopping at one of my sponsors the other day.  And today a lovely package of fabric goodness arrived from the Fabric Spot.    I was experiencing some buyer's regret after my Oregon trip to Sisters.  I did not get any of the Mustang Canvas when I was fabric shopping so I had to fix that and Fabric Spot has a whole lot of Cotton and Steel going on.  I love that Mustang print!  I also picked out a few other Cotton and Steel  fat quarters including Hatbox Tiger Stripes in Orange, and Homebody Button Jar in Aqua.  I selected some more Kona Parchment as it goes so nicely with linen.  I was surprised by the scale of the Button Jar.  Just so you know, the buttons are big and with lots of negative space.  I had this idea the buttons would be smaller.  It is lovely though.  I also had to get a metre of Fox Field Vintage Stars because it is beautiful.    There you have it.  Fabric happiness.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Scrap Busting: Project Number Two in Progress

I shared this picture the other day on our guild Facebook page.  I just took a quick iPad photo to show my buddies what I started  because I started something new.  This is my scrap buster quilt project number two.  I am seriously trying to get through the boxes of scraps that I carefully tuck away into "organized by colour" plastic shoe boxes.  Even the white is from the white scrap box.  I will eventually run out of suitable whites and have to resort to yardage but for now, I am scrap busting totally.

This is a pattern from the lovely book, Modern Bee:  13 Quilts to Make With Friends.  And while I am sure this would be lovely with fat quarters, the block lends itself to scrap busting.   One of my guild members asked if my colour choices were random but I would say focused random.  If that makes sense.  I decided that one of the scraps had enough of the colours going on that made me happy that as long as the scraps I pulled were colours found in that one fabric, then they would be allowed to play.  What that meant then, were scraps of orange, green, purple, blue, yellow and some magenta.  The colours needed to be intense and saturated for the most part.  I think it is awesome!  Just my kind of scrap happy!

I am more than a little bit determined to use up scraps and I even bagged up all my little bitty "sawdust" scraps and will pass those off to a friend.  I felt much lighter after that!

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Monday, August 18, 2014

On The Design Wall: Lucky Stars Block of the Month

I continue to work away on Don't Call Me Betsy's Lucky Stars Blocks of the Month.  Here I have both July and August up on the barn wall.  I cannot remember if I have shared July but I think not.  Let me tell you, these have a lot of pieces but Elizabeth's instructions for cutting and piecing are pretty darn solid and the blocks have been going together smoothly.  I keep all the fabrics I use for the blocks in a plastic shoe box so I don't have to go hunting for them each month and I also don't have to look at them out in a pile all the time.  I am using an Anna Maria Horner fabric from her line Innocent Crush as the focal fabric for all the star.  I use the Stof basics text print in many of the stars as well.  Only a few more months of blocks and we will call this a quilt!  I have not done May's block yet.  I was super busy at school then.  And speaking of school, today marks the end of my summer vacation and I am back to work!  Eep!  The summer has flown by.  Linking up with Judy for Design Wall Monday.  Have a look down below for all the stars on my design wall.

Friday, August 15, 2014

The best night of the month!

The second Thursday of every month is our wonderful Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild meeting and part of the fun is deciding what to take as a door prize.  I was inspired to cover a journal after having so much fun making a cover for the wee composition books the day before.  So a little bit of linen and some bits and pieces of stitchy fabric and I had a journal cover.  But then I thought it needed a little one too.  So this is what happens when a covered journal has a baby.  Oh my goodness, so much fun.  And that beautiful turquiose Aurifil 50 wt is number 5005 and I used it to add some quilting to the baby journal cover.  I used Aurifil 50 wit in light grey for the quilting on the big one.

And my quilting buddy got to take these home with her and that was just awesome.  Linking up with Amand Jean for Finish it Up Friday.