Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Random on a Thursday... spring is here

 So I was sewing away last Saturday.  Mum was visiting so she was sitting at the table beside me.  And then I saw a shadow.  I thought it was the neighbour's dog so I looked up.  It was not a dog.  It was Marvin!  He peeked at me through the sliding glass doors and was peeking under the ironing board at me.  EEK!  Marvin is a black bear.  I hollered at Husband, "Little bear!" Just a little guy and a pretty cute little guy at that!  EEK!  He was right there looking at me!  Husband blew the air horn and he toddled off into the woods but he came back again and got another air horn blast.  The not so great picture shows Marvin's smudgy wet bear print and I put the brown leaf beside the wet smudge to show how big or little his  furry wet paws are.

 And the flowering currants are blooming at the pond.  So pretty!  We are a bit worried that the visiting wild ducks might be eating up all the frog eggs but I am sure nature will figure it all out.

Mmmm.  First rhubarb pie of the season.  Mmmm.

I found a ton of lovely and awesome vintage buttons at the thrift store on the weekend.  Lots of glass and shell buttons and so nice of them to sort them into color bags.  Thank you, thrift store!  Mmmm, buttons!

I spy a ritz cracker button in this lot!  What?  Yep.  There it is.

This little chickadee found a pile of Webster's golden retriever fluff and was trying to stuff as much of it into his beak as possible.  I get a warm fuzzy feeling thinking that Webby's fluff is going to line a little bird's nest!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Warp and Weft Lotta Jansdotter Blog Hop and Giveaway has begun!

This week is an exciting week for the Warp and Weft Sewing Society!  Esmari has started the ball rolling over at the Warp and Weft Blog.  Hop on over and see what Esmari created with her bundle of Mormor and Sylvia from Lotta Jansdotter.  And you can enter to win this lovely bunch of fabric with 7 chances starting today!

You can enter a total of  7 times by following the rafflecopter instructions on each participating blogger’s Lotta Jansdotter Challenge post on their day posted!
Winner to be announced: April 28th!

Here is a sneak peak of what I have been creating with my bundle.  So fresh and pretty!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Eeek, I'm a member!

I bit the bullet and signed up as an individual membership of the "mothership" a.k.a. the Modern Quilt Guild.  My own guild, the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild is still in process so I decided to see what membership gives me.  So far, a card and a pin but I will keep you posted!  It is a very nice pin.  

Last week when we hosted Monica, Happy Zombie, our guild organized a shop hop but I could not go because I had to work.  Darn those full time jobs, getting in the way of my quilting fun!  Anyway, Cynthia became my personal shopper at Daisu!  The snazzy Japanese dollar store.  Oh my goodness.  She found me some really fun things.  Polka dot zippers, purse frames, fabric, cutey patootey tape, all sorts of fun stuff.  Including high tech "barf" bags.  Just in case.  With detailed instructions.  Just saying.  So silly!  Thanks, Cynthia!  You are the best!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bee Blocks.. That Stash Bee

I made 8 little churn  and dash blocks for April's That Stash Bee for Ginny.  The block pattern came from the great little book, 500 Quilt Blocks by Lynne Goldsworthy and Kerry Greene.  They are pretty darn cute and finish at 6.5".  Ginny thought she would play an April Fools joke on us and suggested she would like 4 New York Beauty blocks.  Har har har.  Too funny.  Churn and dash blocks on the mossy lawn.  Perfect.  Now I just have to get them in the mail.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

EEEK! Happy Zombie and Ron!

We have had several days of fun with Monica Solorio-Snow, a.k.a.  Happy Zombie!  And we got to meet the Ron Swanson quilt in person.  Tree pants, too, because not every tree wears skirts!  Hi Cynthia!  Hi Monica!  OMG!  What a hoot!  And would you look at the zippy pouch on the table... spools!

HI Darlene!  Hi Cynthia, again.  Hi, Tree Pants!  A full day of quilty people, great food and sewing.  Bliss.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Meet Buzz and other random bits

Forgive the slightly blurry shot but these little guys don't hang around for long... usually.  Meet Buzz.  He is a male Rufous Hummingbird and he has been back in our neck of the woods for several weeks now.  This is his spot.  He is hard at work guarding the two hummingbird feeders above his head.  He hangs out in front of the dining room window everyday for great lengths of time.  Just in case, you know, someone else might try to have a wee bit of a feed at HIS feeders.  We like him a lot.

 Do full bobbins make you happy?  Man, full bobbins just fill me with such a sense of purpose.  Oh bobbins, you complete me!

Husband took this picture and emailed it to Stokes Seeds.  His point was that they are wasting a lot of money sending us 3, count them, 3 catalogues this spring.  Seriously, what the heck?  Anyway, the garden looks really good.  We just did a tour of the homestead.  It all looks so promising.  The rhubarb is almost ready for the first picking.  Just saying.

That's it.  Off to quilt guild tonight.  Best night of the month!  Linking up for Random Thursday with the Randomeers over at Cindy's.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It filled up the wall!

I was working away on this last weekend because I want to start another project and I need the design wall.  I cannot just take these blocks off the wall though because I would have to number the blocks and the rows.  The blocks totally fit together like some sort of brain teaser.  The risk of messing up just seems all too possible so on the wall it stays!  Hopefully I will get them all put together on the weekend. But not on Saturday because on Saturday, I will be sewing with  Happy Zombie and the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild!

I have bee blocks and the Lucky Stars BOM also on my to do list and the lovely Mormor from Lolla Jansdotter is all chopped up and a pile of blocks is growing.  So much fun!  Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for Work in Progress Wednesday.