Sunday, May 25, 2014

Zippy Pouches.... tips and hints

The Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild is swapping zippy pouches with the Victoria Modern Quilt Guild These are just a few little zippy pouch tricks that I use when making a pouch.  I typically make zipper tabs for each end of the zipper.  These ones are 2 pieces of fabric cut 2" by 3".  The ends are turned under and pressed and then folded in half.  I cut the ends off the zipper, including the metal zipper stops.  Be careful not to wreck your zipper at this point with pulling the zipper pull off the end.  (I have done this before and it did not make me happy!) Once the zipper is trimmed, one end at a time, place the zipper tab over the end and stitch.  2 rows of stitching is nice.  Then trim the tab to line up with the edge of the zipper tape.  The length of your zipper dictates how big your pouch fabric pieces are.  I tend to prepare the zipper and then cut the fabric for the pouch.  This particular zipper with tabs is 12" long.

This next step is difficult to photograph but this step cuts down on the bulk in the side seam and corners.  Squidge the zipper tape out of the trimmed tab and trim the zipper tape and teeth close to the stitching lines.  That little bit of zipper sticking out gets trimmed off.

This is the prepared zipper and all the bits I trimmed off the zipper and zipper tabs.

I always sew a stitching line with my pouch main body and without the lining.  This stitching line gives you a guide to stitch the zipper sandwich together.  I NEVER use a zipper foot but stitch along until I need to move the zipper pull out of the way by raising the pressure foot.  

This is the completed pouch before stitching the side seams.  The lining is sewn down with the zipper and the pouch is ready for the zipper top stitching.  See how the zipper tabs look?

Before sewing the side seams, you want to make sure you line up the seam on the front and the back of the pouch and you need to pinch the zipper tabs like I am doing in the photo.  I have pushed and pinched the zipper tab towards the main body of the pouch and pinned securely before stitching.  Stitch the side seams and the bottom of the pouch and lining, leaving your turning opening in the lining bottom.  I boxed the corners of this pouch just for fun.  Turn your pouch, check the corners, poking out the zipper tabs nicely.

Pretty corners and I will show off the finished pouch tomorrow!


  1. Happy Sunday Cathy. Thank you for the tips. Zippers always give me grief. Yours look perfect : )

  2. Oh brilliant tips! Zip ends always give me grief so this is really helpful. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the great tips, they are defintiely going to be very helpful for future projects.

  4. Oh my! You make it look so simple. Ok! Ok! I will give a try. Let me read it again before I start. Thanks so much for sharing

  5. Cutting off the end of the zipper is a great tip to get rid of the bulk. Thanks for this!

  6. Ooo, very nice! Question, how many zippy pouches have you made for the FVMQG swap? ;)

  7. What a great tutorial. I detest my zipper foot and no longer use it, so it's nice to read that you don't either!