Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Continuing the Conversation

   Name:  Continuing the Conversation
Design:  Modern Disappearing 9 Patch :  a tutorial by Kristy Daum
Size:  40" by 54"
Fabric: Stash/scrap fabrics, low volume fabrics for the background
Quilted: by me with Aurifil 50 wt in white in crosshatch

I made this baby quilt the other day as a sample and as a way to continue the conversation and that is where the name came from.  We had a guild challenge to modern up a traditional block for the Creative Stitches show as I mentioned before.  As part of the Creative Stitches show, the guild did a stage presentation on Modern Quilting with a demonstration.  I thought it might be fun to do the Modern Disappearing 9 Patch as a demo but I thought it would also be good to have a finished quilt for display.  Hence this baby quilt.  A way of continuing the conversation so to speak.  I wish I had a pictures of my able bodied guild demonstrators because they sewed up a storm, while I did the talking,  and pretty much had much of the makings of a baby quilt after the 2 demonstrations.  I have it all put together as a quilt top and hope to have what they started finished for the next guild meeting.  But I digress.  

Kristy Daum has a fabulous tutorial on the Modern disappearing 9 patch.  Check it out.  And a perfect and straight forward modern twist on an old favourite.  I also tried to use fabrics that would read as modern but not as "baby".  Except for the backing that is.  I know that many modern baby quilts do not necessarily look like what traditionally we would view as a baby quilt.  So for this example, I wanted to make sure it did not look "on purpose" baby.  After all, we were trying to share and demystify modern quilting just a bit.  

So here it is.  On a rainy day inside the rose arbour.  Stash fabrics and quilted with my favouite 50 wt Aurifil in white.  Continuing the Conversation.  


  1. This is so pretty! I have that pattern on my to do list also :)

  2. Wonderful!!! Thanks for using and sharing my tutorial

  3. So nice! I love that backing fabric!

  4. Am curious as to what size pieces you started with in your 9 patches? or, what size your 9 patch was before you cut it?

  5. Forgot to say that I absolutely love this baby quilt!

  6. Looks great. The DS9 is one of my favorite blocks. It's versatility makes it great.