Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer fun

EEP!  Milk glass!  I just returned from a road trip to Alberta to visit our daughter and our son-in-law.  They understand my obsession with milk glass and picked this set up for me a month or so ago.  Oh my goodness.  So awesome!

I have lots of pictures of my trip and will get those organized soonish but how about a vintage sheet?  I found this one with mum last week.  It is in excellent shape and really vibrant.  And I think it was only $2.  Thrift store score!

And don't these awesome socks look great on the sheet?  Our neighbour's mom knit these for me and a pair for Husband.  His are much more sedate.  Love them!

Even in the land of big trucks and wild animals, daughter and I found a great little quilt shop.  She loves to pick out fabric for me to buy.  There was a sale and the fat quarters were $2.  ANd I found a great black and white print.

And this beauty at another quilt shop on my way home!


  1. How wonderful to get the pitcher and all those glasses. Your daughter is a keeper.

  2. I saw the milk glass and drooled! Your daughter and son in law are keepers!
    I think my mom had a set of sheets with that pattern. I didn't see it in the closet when I was cleaning after my dad passed, so they either went to their cabin or they just plain ol' wore out. I can't imagine her tossing them though. She kept and used everything right down to the nub.
    Those socks will be perfect for a cold wintry night to sleep will match your sheets! I love all the fabric you bought. Looks like a very successful trip!

  3. I had to laugh - I live in Alberta, and used to HAVE those sheets! perhaps you bought mine? My challenge for the winter is to learn to knit socks. Maybe those lovely ones will inspire me to start now!