Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Organizing solids... it needed to be done.

I have been on a bit of a drawer tidying bender this summer.  From Husband's t-shirts to the kitchen junk drawer, I have tidied it.  It has been awesome and left me feeling virtuous beyond all measure.  Then I read a post by Very Kerry Berry where she talked about her organization and inventory of her solids stash.  Oh my goodness.  I got right on that.  I organized, folded, identified and inventoried the whole mess.  What this told me is that I really like buying certain colours.  Kona Crocus and Kona Ash for one thing.  I have several lengths of Kona Bahama Blue and Kona Ruby was another one that I seem to like buying.  Good grief.  I also realized how close some of the colours are as I tried to identify Kona Silver and Shadow.  Seriously.  So where did this leave me?  I am right out of Kona Berry (a favourite). I couldn't find Kona Curry which I was sure I had until I realized I had pulled it for something.  Crisis averted.  I think that now that I have a list with the colours and quantities on the computer, I will be much smarter about what I think I need.  I feel so much better now.   I did organize and inventory my non-Kona solids as well.  And I keep the whites and almost whites in another location just in case you wondered.

And if you are still with me, Sew Sisters has Tula Pink's extra wide backing fabric in stock.  It is apparently gorgeous.  Check it out.  And I will be placing a Sew Sisters order shortly to take care of my Kona Berry problem.


  1. Wow I envy your organizing spirit....I am still sitting looking at my colours wondering what to do with them!

  2. With no selvedge how do you tell? I keep a paper pinned to the piece, but you know how that goes after a while : /
    Looking forward to seeing just what you do with that lovely stack. SO excited for Tula's extra wide backing. I think I'll phone today ; )

    1. Carla, when you receive your solids - IMMEDIATELY write on the selvedge who the mfg is and the color. When you cut thru that part, re-write that info further down on the fabric. I recently adopted that habit and I can't tell you how helpful it is. On my older purchases, I go nuts when I wonder what color it is and who it is by - only to find out I didn't have this practice at that time.. EX: CC = cotton coture MM= michael miller, kona, PE= pure elements, RJR/CS= cotton supreme etc. plus the color name
      Works like a charm !!

  3. I think I need to hire you to come sort and organize my piles of fabric! Mine seem to have big wild parties and mix themselves up on their own, I swear that's it!