Monday, February 13, 2017

All the Pretty Colours #2 a.k.a. Road Trip

    Name:  All the Pretty Colours #2 a.k.a. Road Trip
Design:  from Kaffe Fasset Glorious Patchwork: Pieced Stripes Quilt
Size:  76.5" by 82"
Fabric: Stash fabrics, backing Anna Maria Horner
Quilted: by me with Aurifil 40 and 50 wt straigh lines, 1/2" apart

So we had a bit of snow.  Just a bit.  Like over a metre.  Or in other measurements, around 40" over a few days. We don't usually have snow.  In fact there are year's when we don't see any of the white stuff but this year takes the cake.  School was closed for several days as a result and I had a chance to try to take pictures of this finish in the giant piles of snow that was our yard.  We are talking past your boots, people.  Past your boots!

I made a second one of these because Husband really liked the first one and he wanted me to give it to his sister as a gift.  I knew that I was going to use the first one in a guild challenge so I said, how about I make another one?  I had cut too much fabric the first time around and I already knew what I was doing so I cut more fabric including some wonderful Moda Grunge and got busy.  It went much faster than the first one.  Or it seemed like it and that is why this quilt has the subtitle Road Trip.  Because it always seems that when you are driving somewhere, the trip home takes so much less time.

This design is from the book by Kaffe Fasset, Glorious Patchwork and it has the very simple title, pieced stripes.  Which is what is it.  Pieced stripes of fabric in 3 colour stories with random 60 degree angle cuts.  It really is effective.  I quilted it just the same as the last one with slightly closer vertical straight lines in 3 colours of Aurifil.  Soft purple, vibrant hot pink and that lovely citron yellow.  I just love it.  I backed it in the same Anna Maria Horner fabric but because of the snow, I could not get a shot of the back. Take my word for it, it is awesome.  And it is bound in a dark burgandy Free Spirit solid.  This one is boxed up and ready for the mail tomorrow.  For Fran.


  1. The quilt is just gorgeous, and the photos are spectacular! You are very tricky to hang the quilt without tracking up the snow, and the quilt's vivid colors just pop against the winter backdrop. I can do without large amounts of snow, but for this photo shoot it really works!

  2. Just gorgeous! Your sister in law is a lucky lady to receive this wonderful gift for you! We had more snow here than I have ever seen, but I only moved here two years ago! There was a little snow on the ground when I looked at the property, but my daughter told me that was unusual. (Not according to my neighbor, and he's been here a LOT longer) Guess I had better get used to it! Your snow is so much deeper than ours was though!

    1. from you! I need to spell check myself a little better!!!

  3. So awesome and against the snowy
    background it's even more gorgeous!

  4. Fantastic and just what you need when the world turns white. A blast of color.

  5. I loved your first one and am in love with this one just as much! It is so pretty!!