Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On Tuesday...

 One of these eggs is not like the other.  One of these eggs just doesn't belong!

Funny chickens!  Our hens are a little more than 2 years old.  A few of them have been taking a wee bit of a holiday from laying.  There are only 7 of them.  Enough eggs for Husband and I and then an extra dozen for friends or family.  One of the "girls" as Husband calls them, has not been feeling tip top these last few days but man, she is really trying.  Today she gave us the gift of this tiny egg.  And what energy she must have expended to produce this small gem.  Thank you, chicken, thank you!

On the quilting front today, not much today because it was back to work.  The big excitement at school was the report of a black bear in the neighbourhood.  That's always exciting for the students. One look at a playground filled with 415 students and I am sure any bear with half a brain would be running for the hills.  We will be careful but the bear is really more interested in finding garbage cans at people's homes, I fear.

Have a wonderful evening and let's hope that, for all the hockey fans,  the Canuck's do well tonight.

And there are so many birthdays in May, so a big happy birthday to all!  Happy Birthday, Clever Son.  Happy Birthday, Son's Wonderful Girlfriend.  Happy Birthday, Niece.  Happy Birthday, Dear Dad.  Happy Birthday, Grampa!  Happy Birthday, Bob Dylan.  Happy Birthday, Janer!

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