Friday, March 21, 2014

iPad Mini cozy tutorial

 Cut fabric
Feature fabric front:  1 of 6.75” by 9.5”
Feature fabric front flap:  1 of 6.75” by 4”
Pocket back:  1 of 6.75” by 5.5”
Back:  1 of 6.75” by 9.5”
Pocket trim:  1 of 6.75” by 2”
Lining: 2 of 6.75” by 9.5”
Flap lining: 1 of 6.75 by 4”
Batting:  2 of 6.75 by 9.5”
And for flap 1 of 6.75” by 4”

All seams are ¼”  and you will need a decorative elastic hair tie for the button closure is desired and a button.

Quilt back to batting.  I did a close grid.

Make pocket.  Turn under bottom edge of pocket ¼” then ¼” again. Prepare binding from pocket trim.  Fold in half.  Press.  Open up and turn in both long edges to meet centre crease line.  Press and pin on raw top edge of pocket.  Stitch in place. Place on back measuring 2” from the bottom edge of back.  Pin in place and top stitch pocket to back along bottom edge.

Make flap.  Cut hair tie to desired length and place on centre of top flap raw edges to raw edges. 
Baste.  Sandwich with batting on the bottom, lining right side up and front flap wrong side up.  Stitch three edges.  Clip corners.  Trim batting close to seams.  Turn and press.

Baste flap to back centering the flap and leaving ¼” on either side.

Stitch bottom front to back.  Press and trim batting.

Stitch bottom lining.

Stitch lining to back flap.

Match lining seams and match front to back.

Sew, leaving a 3.5” opening on side seam of lining on one side for turning.  Make sure you pin the flap out of the way of your seams.

Turn and stitch opening closed.  Press your sweet iPad mini cozy and add a decorative button for a closure.


  1. What a well written and nicely photographed tutorial. It is very helpful to see such clear photos for every step. Love the use of the hair tie for the elastic closure. :)

  2. Awesome, now how can I get an ipad mini to drop on my doorstep??!! ;)

  3. Perfect! I shall squirl this project away for an up coming birthday present for my son!