Monday, March 10, 2014

Triple Zip Throwdown!

During coffee with  several of the ladies from the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild last Saturday, there was a lot of chatter about zippy pouches.  And Darlene and I sort of talked about a Triple Zip challenge and yesterday I challenged her to a throwdown!  So funny!  I got right to it yesterday afternoon after posting the picture with my fabric choices and zippers on facebook. He he he!  Poor Darlene, she was innocently having a nice afternoon while I was sewing like a crazy woman.  About an hour later, I had a Triple Zip Pouch and it was ready  for a picture sitting in my Aurifil drawer!  And then today, what do we see on the Aurifil facebook page?  Debbie's Triple Zip Pouch with a link to her tutorial.  So everybody, get busy!

Do you notice how the top zipper is longer in the picture below?  Ya, had to fix that before I put it in the pouch.  I am off to check facebook to see how Darlene's pouch is coming along.


  1. Ha ha! This is wonderful! Only one hour? Amazing! I took a bit longer because I patched and quilted my pieces before assembly. I will try it like you did next time! So FUN!
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  2. Fun fabrics!! I took sooooo long with the one triple zip pouch I made. I find zippers so fiddly and I like to hand baste them before machine sewing which takes me a long time!

  3. Such fun fabrics. Beautiful pouch : )