Thursday, April 10, 2014

Meet Buzz and other random bits

Forgive the slightly blurry shot but these little guys don't hang around for long... usually.  Meet Buzz.  He is a male Rufous Hummingbird and he has been back in our neck of the woods for several weeks now.  This is his spot.  He is hard at work guarding the two hummingbird feeders above his head.  He hangs out in front of the dining room window everyday for great lengths of time.  Just in case, you know, someone else might try to have a wee bit of a feed at HIS feeders.  We like him a lot.

 Do full bobbins make you happy?  Man, full bobbins just fill me with such a sense of purpose.  Oh bobbins, you complete me!

Husband took this picture and emailed it to Stokes Seeds.  His point was that they are wasting a lot of money sending us 3, count them, 3 catalogues this spring.  Seriously, what the heck?  Anyway, the garden looks really good.  We just did a tour of the homestead.  It all looks so promising.  The rhubarb is almost ready for the first picking.  Just saying.

That's it.  Off to quilt guild tonight.  Best night of the month!  Linking up for Random Thursday with the Randomeers over at Cindy's.


  1. Our Rufus hummers are also the ones who tend to like guarding their feeders. I love their white collars.

  2. How cool to see the rufous hummingbird! We only get the ruby throated ones here. They can be pretty bossy around the feeders too, haha!
    You'll have to share your Stokes catalogues with your neighbours. Then they'll have nice gardens too :)

  3. He is beautiful, I have never seen that type in our area... I have three new friends this year at our new house and they love me because I feed them good juice!

  4. I adore my hummingbirds, which I see from my window all year long.

  5. three different account names with stokes???
    and of the seed catalogs are like wish books....aren't they??