Sunday, December 11, 2016


Sometimes you blink and a month has gone by.  Oh my!  Well... hello!

I want to tell you about great customer service.  This is especially timely because I have been busy with multiple emails, phone calls, frustration exercises with a retailer after an online order was messed up.  Not a fabric store but some Christmas shopping.  Long story short, after that retailer's customer service completely fell apart and they don't care, along came Sew Sisters and they have amazing customer service.  And they did not ask me to say this.  It just is.  I ordered some Kona, and one of the colours was back ordered and I neglected to give them instructions about what to do if.  Anyway when I thought the order was taking a little bit longer to get here, I sent an email.  Judy answered me right away and it had to have been about 10 or 11 pm in Ontario.  The next morning, I received another email, saying they were sorry, and they would send me all but the back ordered Kona.   Awesome.  First of all, they answered.  Secondly, they had a solution.  Thirdly, they sent me a note with an extra fat quarter.  Nice!  More than nice.  It was awesome.

And we have snow.  Lots of it.  Past my boot tops kind of snow.  Stuff we never see in this quantity.  Crazy snow.