Friday, July 29, 2016

So this happened

My husband asked me what I had planned for this summer.  What was I going to look forward to and what was going to put a spring in my step?  I happened to mention that I thought I might like a serger.  I did a little research and then off I went to do a little up close and personal research.  And I bought one.  And once I got that sucker threaded, it is a whole lot of fun.

I made these little baby boy shorts in 5 minutes or less.  Oh my goodness.  So much fun.  This is a Brindille and Twig pattern.    And then I made these.  Options.  I tried out two different waist options.  These are a bit of a mash up in terms of the pattern as I did a rub off of a pair and faked them a bit but the wee beanie toque is Brindille and Twig.  So do I blame the purchase of the serger on my husband or on our grandbaby?  I wonder now how I have managed to live without one for so long.  It is just that much fun!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Scraps Springs Eternal

    Name: Scraps Springs Eternal
Design: Inspired by a quilt found on Pinterest by Kati Spencer and published in Scraps INc.
Size: 67" by 67"
Quilted: by me with Aurifil 50 wt ilight grey, irregular grid
Fabric:  Various prints in orange, nayvy, aqua, red, grey and white and sashed with Kona Ash
Binding and Backing: Kona Navy binding and backed with a thrifted sheet.

So I noticed a picture of a quilt on Pinterest by Kati Spencer and I was quite taken with it.  I wanted to use up a lot of my scrap strings.  That was the hope.  The hope that springs eternal was that I would really make a dent in the scrap supply.  I will say that I did use quite a pile of scrap strings.  These are randomly pieced strings of various widths and then trimmed to a 18" block.  I used 2.5" wide sashing in the Kona Ash.  And used a rail fence layout with the super sized blocks.  The scrappiness is toned down with a fixed colour palette rather than just letting it rip and mixing in all the colours.  The grey sashing also helps.  The navy solid binding made a nice frame.

I had this idea to do another irregular grid quilting and I decided to quilt from the back because the sheet I used for the backing had a small check pattern.  Bonus!  So I used Aurifil white in 50 wt on the top and Aurifil 50 wt in dove on the bobbin.  Then I went for it.  It turned out quite well.  I will not say that the grid is regular and I was not intending it for it to be.  It has a little wonk.  Enough so that Husband noticed it.  He is not a fan of the wonk.

The funny thing is that whenever I am ready to take photos of a finished quilt, I pick up the quilt and the camera and start heading outside.  Webster, our dog, understands what this means and gets all excited.  He loves taking pictures of quilts.  He is always close by in the background, approving the shoot.  This time, I got him to sit in front of the quilt.  He is a little wonky.  He has dysplasia but that doesn't stop him from being a really great photo-dog and able quilt photo assistant!

On the pea plant support fence.

And the back.

Close up with a bit of wonk.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Thrifty Finds and some fabric news at Sew Sisters

I hadn't been to a thrift shop in ages but I managed a quick visit the other day.  I found some vintage rick rack along with some other treasures.  Don't you love the pose on the pattern?  So stylin'!  I think I will practice that pose.  I am intrigued by the needle threader, complete in the box with instructions.  I have yet to try it.  Something tells me the fact that it is all complete in the box means it did not get a lot of use which could mean that the "witch" is not that great.

And the fabric news.  Sew Sisters has lots of stuff in their clearance section for as little as $8.99 a metre and some lovely new Art Gallery fabrics by Bari J and Katrina Roccella.  Go have a look.  To die for.  Yep.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer is here and so the quilt finishes begin

     Name:  Happiness
Design:  4" squares
Size:  36" by 44"
Fabric: Stash fabrics 
Quilted: by me with Aurifil 50 wt in white in cross hatch

I made another one of these baby girl quilts just to have on hand.  It seems they always find a home before too long.  I had cut almost enough squares when I made the first one so had enough to make a second similar baby girl quilt to put into the stack.  Just a nice little quilt with a mix of modern and even a bit of vintage fabric for fun. I am on holidays now so be prepared for lots of finishes in between all the blueberry picking!

So 4" squares in a mix of prints and solids.  Quilted in cross hatch in Aurifil 50 wt in white. My go to.  Happiness

I threw it on the lawn beside the dahlias that we grow in the veggie garden.  The sun was too bright and over exposed the quilt but the dahlias are looking mighty fine!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Bonnet for a boy

Our daughter decided that our baby needed a bonnet.  Our son in law and my husband thought it was goofy because our baby is a boy.   Husband proclaimed that it is not the 1950s and we don't put boy babies in bonnets but our daughter was pretty determined.  She has been eyeing the bonnets made by Rain People but the one she wanted was sold out.  Gramma to the rescue. I thought this looked a lot like the Purl Soho bonnet pattern so I got busy.  I used a thrifted men's shirt in a striped oxford cloth to make the bonnet more manly.  It sewed up like a dream.  I lined the interior with a lovely light weight white cotton that I have had for who knows how long.  The brim is interfaced.  This is a great pattern.  I am going to pop this in the mail so our baby can enjoy his wee man bonnet when he is out and about in the sun.

Friday, July 15, 2016

He's Here!

So our wee grand baby was born on July 5 and I have been busy being a Gramma.  We love him to bits.  I got home yesterday and I am counting the days until we see him next.  What a wonderful, wonderful little guy.  And his mummy and daddy are pretty awesome too.

Little Harrison even found his Gramma a quilt shop when he was exactly a week old.  Way to go, little buddy!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Those darn scraps

I have to do something with all my scraps.  They are breeding like bunnies.  I saw a picture of a quilt on Pinterest and I used it as inspiration for these blocks.  Supersized at 18" square, these are put together with string scraps of different widths.  Going just from a picture, I did not have an idea how big to make the blocks but big seemed to be the answer!  I am using a controlled scrappy colour palette and I will sash the blocks in grey.  I am aiming to make this a big block big quilt because I want to use a lot of fabric!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Still waiting for grandbaby

While we are still waiting for our wee grandbaby, I made another pair of pants for the little guy.  This is another Brindille and Twig pattern , harem pants in the smallest size.  Super easy to put together and super cute.  Lots of diaper space in these little pants!