Monday, February 28, 2011

Completed Quilt... "Feeling Blue" a.k.a. "The Blue Beast"

So Happy Birthday, Mum!  It's a bit early but it's finished.  I am pleased with it and all it's scrappiness.  The back is a story.  Years ago, 2 houses ago, I bought a lovely shower curtain.  Paid way too much money for it at the time but it was exactly the right thing for our country house.  We sold the house and I kept the shower curtain.  And now it is totally and perfectly repurposed as the back of this quilt for Mum.  The quilt measures about 76" x 76".  It was not as difficult to quilt as I thought it would be.  My machine handled the bulk well but my hands and shoulders got quite the work out.  It feels good to be finished and I am sure Mum will love it.  Mum has always had a thing for blue.  She is coming down this week so she will be able to visit her quilt in person and take it home before her birthday.  

 Here is the funny thing.  The quilt is perfectly square.  The border on the back was all the same measurement and yet somehow the border on the back on one side only is wonky.  I squared it all up before putting the binding on.  I am just going to say I planned it that way for a certain quirkiness.  : ) The quilting is just all over stippling in white.


  1. It's beautiful! I love the contrast of all the blues!

  2. Congrats on a great finish. The scrappiness is very nice. I haven't quilted a quilt that big myself. Great job!!!