Saturday, February 5, 2011

On a Saturday...

love those buttons!

milk glass
Husband stayed home this morning.  He was BUSY.  He had a to do list that did not include driving around with me to thrift stores.  I don't think he missed waiting for me while I poke around a thrift store but I missed him!  I bumped into one of my buddies at one of the stores.  We marveled at the quantity of STUFF and had a quilting discussion about using spray baste.  Neither of us have used it yet.  I am planning to use it for the blue quilt because it is going to be so big.

As for the blue quilt, I have made 30 blocks but I think I need another 5.  I will crank those out tomorrow and see if I can get it sewn together.  I cannot start on the quilting though as... trauma... I took my sewing machine for a tune up today and they said it will be 2 weeks.  Yoiks!  I still have my old machine which is in great running order so I can use it for piecing but definitely not quilting.  It was so strange to thread the needle and I kept pushing blank space where the needle up button is on my new machine.  I am so spoiled.
vintage pillow ticking

And for thrift store finds today.  I found the sock pattern booklet that I have been looking for.  And one for dolly clothes and last weekend, I picked up the one with patterns for Bazar items.  Lots of toilet roll covers which I won't  be knitting but lots of tea cozies which I will be knitting.  I am determined to knit a pair of socks this year.  With the pattern book I am that much closer!  I also found another milk glass footed bowl and a bag of buttons from someone's button jar.  And check our the vintage ticking!!!!!!  50 cents each!!!  Still have labels.  100% cotton, down proof cotton.  Awesome!  They are in great shape.  I could make a pillow ticking quilt.

and for more flea market finds, you can check over at Sophie's blog.


  1. I keep my buttons in vintage milkglass too, such pretty storage, yours looks lovely and that pillow ticking is divine!

  2. a pillow ticking quilt was exactly what came up in my mind, as i was taking a closer look, even a stripey one... it would be something!
    the buttons mix looks tempting too... great thrifting!

  3. pretty wonderful that you found the things you were after! all such fantastic finds : )

  4. I was so excited by your finds. I too had knitting socks on my list last year and managed to make one pair. But your book is gorgeous so I must keep looking for that one. We must have been separated at birth because a tea cosy is on my list for this year but I want to make something spectacular! LOL

  5. That vintage ticking is amazing! Very pretty, and love the milk glass, too. I'd love to store my buttons like that, but sadly I have a cat who loves buttons, too.

  6. What a fantastic button collection! and totally in love with the weird yellow poodle on the cover of that book-hes so fuzzy and cute!