Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Clovers... Card Tricks? Done!

Another finish!  I am thrilled to bits to say this one is done!  This quilt is made with some April Cornell fabric from Moda that I got at the" by the pound sale" last summer.  Fabric company samples, sold by the pound at my fabulous local quilt shop once or twice a year.  The border is also some April Cornell that I bought as a remnant.  Perfect!

I used a Figtree Quilts pattern called Clovers.  It is essentially the block called card tricks.  I did not read the pattern carefully and messed up on not trimming the little blocks... blah blah.  Long story.  Anyway, the result is my points are wonky.  Heavy sigh.  Does it still look pretty?  You bet!  Did I learn something?  Yes!  Does my mum love the quilt?  You betcha!  So this quilt is going to go and live with Mum.  It measures about 65" x 65".  It is stippled all over in white and backed with a lovely yellow check sheet with one strip of the border fabric down the centre.  It is bound in a woven plaid from the same line of fabric that I just happened to have. It is a very pretty quilt.  And it is done!  This was also the last item on my list for the Finish it Up Challenge!  Wahoo!

I see a lot of husband feet in quilt photos.  Husbands often get recruited to help hold quilts.  This is a picture of my husband's hands.  He was recruited to pound some nails into the barn wall so I can have a semi-permanent display wall for finished quilts on the barn.  He is just soooooooo helpful!!!

I am going to link up to Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story... check out the other lovely finishes! 

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  1. Lovely quilt, wonkiness and all! Lucky Mom who gets the quilt!

  2. Beautiful quilt but i am really jealous that you have that gorgeous barn wall to display your quilt on!

  3. Gorgeous quilt! I've used this same fabric in a quilt and love it. Lucky you for having that cool barn!