Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November and Fresh Sewing Day

Fresh Sewing Day

I was thinking that I really didn't have too many finishes from October but I guess it is not too shabby.  I finished this one on the weekend.  It is massive!!!!  72" x 84" of batik bento box fun.  I straight line quilted it horizontally and vertically on either side of the stitching lines.  I won't show you the back yet but it is fun.  Pieced with leftover batik scraps and some other fun fabric.  I know you cannot see the small details in the binding print but in many ways the print echoes the bento box pattern.  Cool!  I don't remember what it is called.  I bought the end of the bolt of it anyway!  I had not planned to use it for the binding, just the back but it just seemed to be asking to be the binding as well.

The batiks came from my fabulous local quilt shop's "by the pound" sale so it is truly scrappy.  I think it is just great.

Other finishes this past month included...
I Spy Wall Hanging for my office

Paper pieced string block pillow for a friend

Coming Home Quilt

And another of the Bento Box quilt with Webster!
I will be linking up with Lily's Fresh Sewing Day!

Happy November!!!


  1. Love your Coming Home quilt!!!

  2. The colours of your Bento Box are gor-gee-ous!
    All of your eye candy is just yummy!


  3. Love the Coming Home, and the Bento Box especially. All your quilts are an eye treat. My sister quilts and it is always a treat to visit - wall quilts, folded quilts, two on a bed quilts, couch throw quilts, miniate quilts...

    Love checking your blog every day.
    I 'received' a Liebster Blog Award today - a 'pass it on' way to share newer blogs through your own blog - kind of like a linky. You can see it on my post and follow up or not.
    Take a peek anyway and 'share your links' if you like.
    - Joy

  4. Love all your finishes Cathy.
    One day I would love to do a Bento Box Quilt.

  5. I love your I spy wall hanging! I've been thinking of making something similar for my daughter for Christmas. I noticed in your sidebar that you're an educator; what do you teach? I teach also - composition and literature for my local community college. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. I think you have done pretty well for the month - love the colours in the bento box quilt! Great size too!

  7. I think those are some pretty big finishes for a month! WTG! And thanks for stopping by my blog :o)

  8. They are all beautiful and well finished, but the bento is my favourite I love no I adore it! The colours are so beautiful - tranquil and vibrant at the same time and I love the way you kept the pattern stylish but simple to really let the fabric sing. Congrats on an awesome quilt :) I joined up because after that one I have to see what else you can so lol