Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Christmas Gift Finish and a welcome!

I have a finish!  From the weekend.  I really like it.  I made this wonky, wonky little star table runner for a gift.  I have to do more of this because I think they look AWESOME with all their twinkly little star-ness.

I want to say welcome to all the new followers that have dropped in and decided to stay.  It is just so exciting to see the number of followers grow!  I just noticed that there are 150 of you!!!!!  I am also stunned with the number of people who have left comments for my giveaway.  Simply fantastic!

Today was the Christmas Concert at school.  It was GREAT!  Lots of funny little Kindergarten moments and wonderful bits all the way through.  There was, of course, a standing room only crowd and gift basket and gingerbread houses for raffling.  I have to say it was wonderful and we are all so happy it is over.  I telephoned Husband when the concert was over and he thought I sounded unnaturally calm.  He he he.  That can only be because the concert was over.  I don't think I would have sounded that calm before!

I am trying to figure out how to have a list of all my quilt finishes on my blog that will link to a picture. If anyone has a great idea or where to go to figure this out, please let me know.  : )

Have a wonderful rest of your evening!  And if you have not entered my giveaway or checked out the other giveaways over at Sew Mama Sew, please do!  The loot is drool worthy!


  1. how cute is that runner? super cute! Love it!

  2. I love those wonky little stars, too! What a great table runner. :o) Congrats on your program going so well, too.

  3. I love your runner. Very pretty.