Monday, December 5, 2011

Pillows for friends...

Wonky little star pillow

My card ladies are coming tonight.  We get together at least once a month and take turns hosting.  I wanted to do a close to Christmas card night.  We play whist and laugh so much!  We eat too.  Husband has made us a French Canadian feast with pea soup and Tourtiere  (French Canadian meat pie.)  Yum!

I made a pillow for each of my card lady friends.

Scrappy string pillow with lots of Terrain

Neutrals with a pop

Sunflower windows

All the pillows look quite happy together on the couch.  I am delighted with how they turned out and I think my card ladies are going to be tickled to receive them this evening for their Christmas gift.

I had fun with the backs.

And I will link up with Fabric Tuesday tomorrow!  Have a super rest of your day.  I will playing cards and excercising my laugh muscles!


  1. Wow, those look beautiful! Such a thoughtful and fun gift!

  2. Those pillows look yummy! :) I esp. love the wonky star one. And your dinner sounds great. Have fun!

  3. I am sure they are going to love them - what makes your meat pie special? Is there a secret ingredient?

  4. what an awesome Christmas gift for your friends! those are beautiful! enjoy!

  5. Beautiful pillows! What a great gift, lucky friends!