Friday, July 20, 2012

A Little Fabric Friday...

Mendocino, Heather Ross

Sometimes fabric jumps out at you and bites you in the ankle.  Before you can even think, it is in a bag and on its way home.  That happened to me the other day when I was buying the stainless steel Klutz glove.  I was standing at the cash.  Ho humming along.  Tried on the glove.  Looked down slightly at the "end of the bolt" display and grabbed without thinking just under a metre of .... Mendocino sea horses by Heather Ross.  Yep.  And heavily discounted at that because it was the end of a bolt.  I walked a few steps to a sale table and out went my hand and grabbed a sweet little stack of fat quarters on sale.  Yep.  Mendocino by Heather Ross.  Goes with my mermaids.  I bought the mermaids at the thrift store. Yep.  The thrift store.  Almost 2 years ago.  2 metres plus for about $3.  Just a little fabric Friday.
thrift store mermaids-Heather Ross

the pink stripey one got left out of the picture up top


  1. Well, after your week with your rotary cutter and having to buy that "Klutz" glove, you deserve a little treat! Good for you! AND...they were on sale!

  2. Maaaan! You have the *best* luck!! :D

  3. I love it when something like that happens, especially when time has passed between buying the different fabrics. You just know that you were destined to make something fabulous!