Saturday, August 11, 2012

Flea Market Finds on a sunny Saturday

I had just picked out several new spools of perle cotton at the quilt shop when I popped into a thrift shop with Mum.  Oh my goodness!  I found a giant bag of crochet cotton in all different colours and all of this perle cotton.  Oh my goodness!  The whole shooting match was only $5.  I am going to take all the crochet cotton to school for my girl's craft club to make friendship bracelets or something but the perle cotton is mine! All mine!!!

Mum brought me this wonderful pyrex.  It made me happy.  I have the next size smaller bowl with the wheat on it already.  It is currently sitting on the counter filled with delicious cherries from our friend's orchard.  Seriously yummy!

This vintage sheet jumped up and down and said take me home!  It is 100% cotton and bright, bright, bright!  

Just a few goodies!  Hope you found some thrifty wonderfulness!


  1. What wonderful flea market treasures! You've reminded me to visit my favorite junk shop...haven't been there in about a month. I know there's something there for me (maybe some perle cotton??)

  2. great finds funny that you get to find thread when you needed it.

  3. Oh Kathy, I am behind in reading your wonderful posts!! LOVE that lime green daisy Pyrex bowl... and btw,it was so sweet to meet your mom at our last Modern Quilt guild meeting! Have a happy week; I need to catch up on your posts...

  4. I love when I get lucky and find a great fabric item! Jealous! I'm collecting yellows and browns right now. Very cool find. :)

  5. All that cotton - what a fabulous find!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger