Thursday, April 18, 2013

Random, it's Thursday

Yesterday I met this young man.  I don't know if you can tell what that open box is in front of him.  See the Olympic rings?  Mmm hmm.  Yep.  That box is for an Olympic medal.  Bronze in fact for the 100 metre
Freestyle at the London Summer Olympics.  This is Brent Hayden and he is from Mission, BC.  He is a hometown boy and he spoke with all of us school principals today.  Nice guy.  Oh.  I held his medal.  It was super heavy.  Never thought I would hold an Olympic medal.  He told us if we took off running with it, he would tackle us.  Just saying.

And if there was ever an Olympic medal for Cinnamon Buns, my husband would win.  Yep.  It's true.

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  1. Love your segue from Olympic rings to cinnamon swirls!! I think everyone has something they like to look for when they travel and for me, that is the ultimate cinnamon roll! I may just have to make your photo my screen These look amazing and you are one lucky girl!

  2. That's pretty cool! He seems like a sweetie. Lots of inspiration to take back to your staff and students!

    Also, cinnamon buns are yummy. Husbands that bake them are awesome.

  3. Does your husband do mail orders? He could be the next "Pioneer Canadian Man Cookbook"! Have you tried the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls? Do you have her cookbook?

  4. AHA! I knew I recognized him, just couldn't put the name with the face. Congratulations, you are now an Olympian. ;)

  5. How cool that you got to hold an Olympic medal. We got to hold a medal years ago from one of the USA women's softball team players. I remember thinking it was very heavy too. And those cinnamon rolls look amazing!

  6. As soon as I saw the picture I thought he must be a swimmer. It's the bald head! How cool holding an Olympic medal! Not many people will be able to say they've done that.