Thursday, December 19, 2013

Really Random... do bears sleep in the winter?

Not at our house.  Just saying.  Husband was greeted by the sight of one large black bear right in front of the dining room window and headed for the bird feeder this morning.  He thinks it was Edwina, Marvin's mother.
He scared her off with the air horn and she toodled off, down the road. Harumph.

One more day and then I am on holdiays.  Christmas concert done and it was just fabulous.  Pajama day is tomorrow.  How fun is that?  We will finish the school day with a carol sing and then send all the little darlings home with their families for two weeks.

Oh... the little snowman up at the top?  I made him so many years ago and we call him the little guy.  We think he holds the secret of Christmas in his wee wistful lopsided smile.

I received this pen as a gift.  Looks like a nice normal kinda pen.  But wait.  It is has a total James Bond, Inspector Gadget kind of surprise with a USB memory stick inside.  Gotta love that.

Look!  Tomatoes in December!  Husband clipped a chunk off the top of a cherry tomato plant before getting rid of them at the end of summer.  He rooted the cutting and it is now happily growing in the living room window and is producing scads of green cherry tomatoes.  We were hoping that we would have ripe ones for Christmas but it does not look like it.  

Linking up with Cindy at Random Thursday because what can be more random than bears, tomatoes, spy pens and other things?


  1. Ta da da ta daaaaa, inspector Gadget, ta da da ta daaaa! :-)
    ( this sooo shows our age...) :-)
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  2. I was just thinking about your Marvin the other day. I hope your husband is always on the other side of the glass when he meets a bear. Merry Christmas Cathy

  3. There is a much talked about Christmas advert on here at the minute that is all about a bear missing Christmas because he hibernates. Sounds like Edwina needs to meet him :)

  4. Hey, are your schools closed today?????

  5. I love the little snowman...he's so cute!
    I have tomatoes that are growing still out in my front yard where I landed them when I didn't have time to make a real home for them to grow. They are ripening, so we are enjoying fried green tomatoes. Delicious!!!
    Have a wonderful vacation and an especially nice Christmas!