Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Stash and the story of a yucky ironing board

My Mum sent me a package of fabric the day.  She has taken advantage of a sale at her local quilt shop.  Thanks Mum!!!!!  I think she did really well.  Mum included a little note to say that I had to look carefully through the fabric and I was to think of money in a birthday cake.  This is what I found.  My Great Grandmother's pocket watch.  Isn't it so lovely?????  I am thrilled and it just needs a chain.

Yesterday I spent the day with a bunch of my guild members at an all day sew in.  We have so much fun.  There was a lot of laughing and a whole lot of fabric talk.  I did not get a ton of sewing done but I did manage to put together one of my Lucky Stars blocks.  Seriously!  It had a ton of pieces and I used my stitch ripper a lot.  Just saying.  Today I made another one and I got grossed out by my ironing board cover.

I went to the great wall of fabric and found this print.  It looked like ironing board fabric to me so I flipped over the ironing board and traced the board onto the fabric.  I then cut out the ironing board shape plus about 3" and attached some purchased bias tape, threaded some narrow elastic through the bias casing and...

this...  blech!

now looks like this...  Much better!


  1. Your YECH looks better than my ironing board. I would be happy to use your old one!

  2. Your mum is a star, what a lovely surprise too.

  3. How wonderful to have been gifted such a wonderful family heirloom. It is gorgeous!

    You did a great job on the ironing board cover too!

  4. What a fun package to get in the mail! I love your Grandma's beautiful watch! So very pretty!

  5. Good job Mum! Beautiful pocket watch too. What a treasure.

    Nice job on the new ironing board cover. Mine could use one too!

  6. That pocket watch is beautiful! What a nice treasure! I really like your new ironing board cover. Mine only looks good because I haven't used it much! I think I had better change that!

  7. Your mum can go shopping for me anytime, she has the same taste in fabric as I do, really love the green and purple stripe, it reminds me of water. I would appreciate it if you could let me know what fabric it is as I really feel the need to purchase some.

    Your great grandmother's pocket watch is beautiful and now you have a connection with her that will bring you a smile each time you look at it.

    Now I need to make a new ironing board cover because mine looks so much worse than yours did.

  8. Lovely fabrics from your mom and the pocket watch is beautiful . Nice job on the ironing board , a task I also need to do.

  9. Oh you lucky girl. Such beautiful fabrics! Love the greys and the yellows .... ok, I love it all :) And an heirloom, what a wonderful day you had. I'm happy for you. Great job on the ironing board. I did mine too not so long ago and it didn't stay beautiful for very long. It got all yucky again. I know, it's my fault... I can't stop using it! Hehehehe!
    Thanks for sharing

  10. Love the watch, and I really need a new ironing board cover too!! :)