Thursday, February 27, 2014

Random Thursday...

Don't you just love the quilting on the cover quilt?  I am going to try that soon.  I joined the Modern Quilt Guild as an individual member.  Our guild has not officially joined yet.  So that is why I have a new blog button saying that I am a member.  I will apparently get a pin and a card in the mail.  I also got invited to join the next fabric challenge.  Gotta love that!

It is roll up the rim time.  Get in to Tim Horton's while you can because not only do you get to roll up the rim the standard way, but you get a bonus roll.  How exciting is that?  And I didn't win anything on this cup.  Darn.

I found this gorgeous blue glass sugar bowl at the thrift store at Christmas.  Mum and I were thrift shopping.  I went to pay for it and I could not find my wallet.  Immediate panic attack. It turns out it was just in the car.  While I was out looking for my wallet in the car, Mum paid for the sugar bowl.  Thanks, Mum!  Now I just need to find the creamer.  And maybe Mum will be with me and I will forget my wallet in the car again.  He he he.

And while the snow is starting to melt, it is still a winter wonderland.  The snowdrops are visible again outside the dining room window.  This little fellow was not impressed with the snow.  It is a Varied Thrush.  Husband kept asking what kind of bird is that.  I told him and then pointed out that the Varied Thrush is the bird on the February calendar page in the kitchen.  Coincidence or what?

So that is my random stuff for this week.  Lining up with Cindy for Random Thursday.


  1. Oh your sugar bowl is lovely! Aren't Mom's the most amazing creatures? Here's hoping you find the creamer!

    Thanks for the peek into random! :-)

  2. Yay! Congrats on joining! You are in for a great time!

  3. I've tried three times to comment. I hope the other two don't pop up : ) I've been waiting for your bear to come and visit. I hope he's still sleeping. Enjoy your new guild : )

  4. That sugar bowl looks like one made by Fire KIng / Anchor Hocking, but the colour is different than they normally used. Maybe it is a different company of depression glass. Hope you will find the creamer!!!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  5. Glad you joined the MQG! I'm an individual member too. Look forward to 'seeing' you around the forums!

  6. Hey, sugar bowl is by Pyrex/Corning distributed here in Canada. Pattern is called Pie crust if this helps your search. :-) Riel