Thursday, October 2, 2014

Another one...

This is one of my test covered journals.  I made it with some fabulous fabric from my friend Cynthia's new line for Robert Kaufman called Sewing Studio.  I made this with some scraps Cynthia gave me before my order of yardage arrived.  I love this line.  The colours are lovely, the prints are just so fun!  The rulers made a great binding and I did ask Cynthia what would happen if I cut out all those pattern pieces and sewed them together.  This little covered notebook has a metal zipper.  I just happened to have one from the thrift store that was a fine gauge and was just the right length for this journal.  

I paired the Sewing Studio with some Robert Kaufman Essex linen.  Snazzy!  Did I mention how many of these little journal covers I have made now?  Lots!

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  1. I've seen zippered journal covers on a couple people's blogs lately, and I like the idea but I haven't seen a tutorial and I was wondering if you knew of one somewhere.

    Regardless, I think that is an awesome fabric choice for a journal cover!

    jhunsberger (at) gmail (d0t) c0m

      Cathy did a tutorial-ish last post.

  2. Eeee so cute!!! Hehe now I want to try cutting the little pieces out, mini barbie clothes lol!

  3. Aah, that's perfect! I love that it has a zip, and those colours! Awesome!

  4. Very nicely done, great job! I am too lazy to muck around with projects that involve zips!

  5. This came out very well! I do love that fabric!

  6. You always make the neatest stuff. Love your work and love your blog!

  7. Lovely! And thank you so much for the tutorial - I think I will give it a try. Was it different or more difficult to sew in the metal zipper? Because that one looks really neat! I am enjoying your work tremendously!