Sunday, May 17, 2015


How many 40 yard rolls of Warm and Natural batting fit into one minivan?  That would be 7.  There are 2 more rolls in the back seat and then I had to call in reinforcements for the other 4 rolls.  I negotiated a great deal on a bulk order of batting for my guild with a local retailer.  Seriously successful and seriously fun.

This is what the cutting station looked like in the hallway of the school where we meet prior to our guild meeting the other day.  A quilting husband somehow got coerced into helping!  What a system!
Let me just say there was a lot of laughing!

Then we had a guild zippy pouch swap with goodies.  The lovely Hedda made this one and I was the lucky recipient. Awesome!

And my guild buddy Barbara found me this lovely bit of Liberty on her travels.  The zodiac.  Just lovely and then she made these labels with Kraft-Tex.  Snazzy!

And finally.  Last weekend I zoomed up country to visit my Mum.  It was Mother's Day.  Bonus.  Penticton Quilt Show.  Bonus.  Our guild had a bunch of quilts in a special display at the quilt show.  And there were some great garage sales and thrift shops to visit.  Mum gifted me with some very special Jadeite!  Nice!!!

and I found a bag of old buttons.  And that is the end of the Mish-Mash!


  1. Holy Batting, Batman!! That's a ton of warm and natural! How did your guild divy it up?

  2. Great haul!
    Love the jadeite!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  3. Lucky duck! And jadeite to boot!
    Big thanks to you for organizing the batting purchase & delivery!!