Thursday, July 9, 2015

On a Thursday and this is random

Last week it was giant raspberries and this week it is giant blueberries.  Seriously, you could cut some of our blueberries into pieces and share them with your friends.

The other day, I went shop hopping with a bunch of buddies from the most awesome Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild.  I had to take a picture of this laundromat next to one of the quilt shops we stopped at.  Such a great name!

And yesterday I stopped in at my school.  The school that I am moving to for the next school year and I was delighted to find that I have school bunnies.

You may have heard that British Columbia is having a very dry and hot spring and summer.  With that comes a lot a forest fires.  In the satellite map below, you can see that beige smudge in the centre.  Ya, that is forest fire smoke and it has been hanging around all week.  Some days are better than others.  On Monday, it completely obliterated the sun all day and we had this strange sepia light all day.  And the smell of campfire.  Today it is back  and not as thick but you can sure smell it this afternoon.  YUCK.  The smudge is right over Vancouver, Victoria and the surrounding areas.

While we were shop hopping, I was most delighted to see Cynthia's Merry Stitchmas Christmas fabric.  Talk about cute!!!!

 And this is what I bought.  Some solids, some Densyse Schmidt and I bought 4 metres Anna Maria Horner from her Good Folks line from $5 a metre.  Score!  And one of the shops had some by the pound stuff and I actually found that bit of Katie Jump Rope fabric along with some Sandy Henderson fabric from long ago.  He he he.  Happiness.  Plus it is always so much fun to fabric shop with friends!  The roll of stuff is iron on vinyl.  Theoretically you can make your own waterproof fabric.  I am going to give it a whirl.

Quilt guild tonight and we are having an outdoor meeting at a local park.  Sweet!


  1. I'm right across the strait from B.C. We're getting the smoke too although not the thick of it. My eyes feel as though someone poured school glue in them. I hope you all get some relief soon, because that will mean we all get it!
    Those blueberries are crazy big, I bet they are tasty too!
    Ticky Poo. I remember a saying in an old movie once that said "no ticky, no washy". Probably part of where that came from. It's funny .
    Love your take home stash that you bought! Sounds like a fun outing!

  2. I need some blueberries! Giant ones would be perfect ; )
    How fun to shop hop. I am taking a day trip to Salmon Arm today to see my pregnant daughter in law. She is due Ovtober. I've not been to the quilt shop there since it re-opened so that is on our to do list today.
    Enjoy your summer! We are socked in today with smoke here....