Saturday, January 8, 2011

First quilt 2011!

First quilt of 2011 finished.  I used a jelly roll that clever son and clever girlfriend gave me for my birthday.  Less than a year ago, I didn't know what a jelly roll was-other than a cake that one eats.  The jelly roll was Spring Charm by April Cornell for Moda.  Nice.  And the perfect way to brighten up the January drearies.  I used some of Gramma's stash for the first border and then some stuff from the local fabric store for the border and binding.  The backing is a thrift store find.  A heavy backing cotton in a pink print.  I didn't get a photo of it.  Husband and I were trying to manage the dog, the surprise snow today and the break in the clouds.  The quilt is a good size, 69" by 63" finished and I used the wonderful Jelly Filled pattern from Thimbleblossoms.  (Mum gave her book for Christmas too!  Simplify!)  Here's the funny thing.  I made this quilt for us at home never thinking that it would appeal to husband.  He says that it is his quilt.  He loves it. I sort of said that it is kind of pink....  Doesn't matter.  He loves it.  It is a bit bigger than the other ones I have made for us but he really likes the weight.  The heavier backing fabric makes it heavier.  It was HARD to quilt because of this.  My shoulders got a work out.  I did get a few wrinkles in the back. That's why I won't show you the back.  : )  I think he will share it with me though.

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