Sunday, October 20, 2013


The fall colours have been quite the thing here this year.  I choose to think it because we have had such wonderful weather unlike other years.  Usually September and October are super rainy and the leaves are just... well, a little bit coloured.  This year our super dry summer was followed by more summer right into the fall.  Mum asked me to make her some fall pillows.  She sent a list of colours and an inspiration picture or two.  I made a few string blocks and I just wasn't happy. Yesterday I stitched some long strings together for one pillow but needed another one.  I started another pillow and it wasn't making me happy either so I ditched it and walked away from my sewing machine feeling like I was wasting my sewing time.  Harumph.  I think it was a good thing to just walk away and start fresh.  This morning I grabbed a bunch of linen and heavy natural cotton scraps.  I cut some strips and some squares and made something far more satisfying.

Who would think a little thing like a pillow would get me all in a sewing frump? The moral of the story is... pillows are done.  And I am happy about them.


  1. Cathy, your autumn piecing looks great - sorry that it caused you grief though. Deep breath and move on. :)

  2. Oooooh it's just perfection- I love the linens, it works just awesomely!