Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring break!

I am on spring break.  Woo hoo!  This week has been super busy because daughter came home and we have been wedding dress shopping.  Yep.  It is just one of those things that both our children are getting married within months of each other.  But we managed to get all sorts of things organized with florists and marriage licenses and of course, the wedding dress.  Phew.

With all that said, not much time for sewing but I have been contemplating the MQG challenge bundle big time.  I ordered some extra fabric and now I am waiting for inspiration.

Signs of spring are everywhere in the yard.  I love that these wee violets poke up in the lawn each year.  And there are the stinking buttercups.  Man.  I spent some quality time on my hands and knees yesterday digging out buttercups from between the peony shoots in one flower bed.

Happy spring!

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