Monday, June 1, 2015

We had a wedding!

Yep.  We did it.  Married both kids off in the space of 5 months.  The weather was fabulous.  The flowers cooperated.  The bride, our wee Emily,  was beautiful, of course. The groom, handsome and awesome.   Have a look.  The blueberry patch looks pretty good. And you may even see a few quilts in the shots.  Happily ever after!  And now I can start quilting again!

The backyard has never looked so fancy!  A bear visited in the night but didn't stay for the wedding.

Peonies from a local farm along with lady fern picked in the back with a ton of babies breath and a whole bunch of buckets.

 A beautiful bride.

And her best friend. Ever. And a quilt.


Having fun!


  1. Congratulations Cathy. I'm glad the bear didn't crash your party. Literally.
    Blessings on the happy couple

  2. what a beautiful wedding ...and bride , of course.
    The flowers are lovely! Perfect timing for those wonderful peonies!

  3. Awwwww what a wonderful day!! Congratulations!!
    And so glad Marvin and Edwina didn't crash the party! ;D

  4. Your daughter is beautiful! I love the wedding set up, your back yard is perfect!
    Have fun with your quilting now, Mom, you deserve it!

  5. Congratulations all round, what a lovely setting for a wedding!