Friday, April 29, 2016

Triple Zipping

I cannot remember how many triple zip pouches I have made over the years since Deb at A Quilter's Table wrote the tutorial but here is another one.  I used some of Cynthia's Sewing Studio fabric for Robert Kaufman.  The yellow scissors.  Cute!  And a needle book using the Nana and Company tutorial.  Just so fun!  Have a look!   Linking up with Amanda Jean for finish it up Friday. 


  1. Both projects are really sweet. I must admit to having only made on triple zip . . . so far anyway.

  2. I have made a bazillion zippy pouches, but not the triple zip. I literally have the instructions for it sitting on my ironing board. One of these days I will make one and hopefully sooner than later!!! ((Love this one of yours! And the needle book is absolutely adorable!))

  3. So cute! I love those triple zippered pouches! So many uses!