Wednesday, June 1, 2016

On the design wall

Wonky stars in scrappy blues on the design wall.  This is a commission quilt for a retirement gift.  I haven't made stars for ages and I have to say that this is fun.  And the bonus is that I am using up all sorts of white and low volume scraps.  

And because our garden is just doing so well thanks to Husband.  Have a look! I take no credit for it at all.  I just eat what he grows!  Happy June!


  1. Love the stars, so pretty!! Glad that was the chosen theme too ;D
    And lovely garden, Guy is the garden whisperer! :D

  2. I always love your wonky star quilts! And that garden is awesome!

  3. Love your stars and your garden!

  4. Hooray! for using up scraps on your commission quilt. Happy Quilting!!