Sunday, May 29, 2016

I Spy for School

    Quilt stats

Name:  I Spy for School
Design:  224-4" squares with 4" border
Size:  56" by 63"
Fabric: I Spy Scraps and stash fabrics, binding is Timeless Treasures Clown Strip in black
Quilted: by me with Aurifil 50 wt in white
Backing:  OOP Ikea sheeting

My school has a carnival coming up and I had the bright idea that I should donate an I Spy quilt for the raffle.  The good news is that I do keep pre-cut I Spy 4" squares all set to go but the bad news is that no matter how organized I think I am, I never have enough different squares and I end up having to cut more variety.  Nevertheless, it here it is all finished.  We had a really rainy weekend so I was able to catch up on my quilting.  I was able to throw this up on the clothesline for some pictures when the rain stopped.  We even had a bit of sun this afternoon but look at the stormy clouds!  

I used some Ikea sheeting for the back.  I still have a wee stash of Ikea sheeting in a few different prints but Ikea doesn't seem to be carrying any sheeting weight prints anymore or at least that I can find.  Boo hiss!  I quilted either side of all the blocks in Aurifil 50 weight in white and bound in Clown stripe in black by Timeless treasures.  Bright and happy.  Hopefully it will raise lots of money!


  1. This is fabulous. We never get such amazing prizes in our school raffle, this would certainly have me buying lots of tickets. x

  2. I love I Spy quilts! This is awesome!