Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Does this have anything to do with quilting?

How exciting is this?  Bangle bracelets that look like measuring tapes!  Be still my beating heart.  I found these in a little shop in Victoria.  Brass and resin.  Made in India.  Perfect for quilters.  Guess what I am taking for a door prize to my quilt guild meeting tomorrow?  Yep.  Perfection.  I bought 3 of them.  I might have to keep one for myself.

And this picture is for Mum who wanted me to look for this in Victoria.  A new statue of Emily Carr, the famous Canadian artist and that is the Empress Hotel, behind her.  Emily had a pet monkey and that is what she is looking at on her shoulder.  I love her wee dog too. So there you go, Mum.  I didn't forget.

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  1. Those are the best bangles!!! Great find.
    The statue if Emily Carr is interesting. Now I am going to have to google her, just to see her works.

  2. Okay. I just googled Emily Carr. I am in love with her paintings!!!! Thanks for getting that picture for your mom. You have introduced me to a new and beautiful world!

  3. Those bangles are brilliant.
    and I will have to google Emily Carr too now.

  4. She is certainly an interesting character.
    Her art was not what I was expecting at all.

  5. Love those bangles! Of course you need to keep one for yourself :)

  6. I need to track down some of those bangles--they are awesome! That statue is very cool. I especially love the way the dog is looking at things.

  7. Hey Cathy, I was delighted to win the bangle at guild tonight - what a cool door prize for my first meeting. I love it! (You should definitely keep one for yourself, too.)