Saturday, May 25, 2013

Some Thrifty Finds...

MMMM, milk glass.  Picked this up at the thrift store for a modest $2.99.  It was seriously grubby but a good scrub in some sudsy hot water set it right.  It looks so nice on this mossy log in the big woods.  And I now have a matching pair of these milk glass candy dishes.  Nice!

I also found a great set of vintage sheets and a pillowcase in good shape.  People sometimes wonder how you tell if a sheet is vintage.  It has to have the vintage vibe.  Like this set.  Crazy, bright florals and then the label will look vintage and will often state "percale".  Yep.  Vintage.  I don't usually buy the bottom sheet but in this case the bottom was in pretty good shape and the store was selling the sheets as a set.  I guess they are wise to those of us who typically leave the bottom sheet behind.  

Have a lovely rest of your Saturday!


  1. Nice find! Love the lavender print...

  2. Just wondering if vintage sheets are always 100% cotton or a blend of polyester. I was looking at sheets in a thrift store recently and thought the sheet was vintage even felt a good quality thinking it was all cotton but it wasn't. So I was wondering if they have some poly in them?

  3. I really need to take up some thrift store retail therapy. It's therapy without the guilt, and some great treasures.

  4. Hey Cathy. Saw a whole set of this in an antique shop on our trip. Too rich for me. Well, maybe if I didn't buy so much fabric......