Thursday, November 14, 2013

Marcelle Medallion... a finish

 Name:  Marcelle Medallion
Design: From Liberty Love
Size:  approx  62" by 62"
Fabric:  lots of fabric from the stash
Backing:  Ikea Britten Numbers and Feedsack prints
Binding:  red tone on tone print
Quilted: by me with Aurifil 50 wt in white

I finished it!  Let me introduce my version of the Marcelle Medallion from the book Liberty Love by Alexia Abegg. This was a lot of fun even if there were a lot of little pieces.  I used a lot of scraps and  some DS prints, some Flea Market Fancy, some Feedsack prints, some vintage prints from my Gramma and a whole bunch of low volume bits and pieces.  I had the idea to use retro 1950s colours as I was thinking or arborite tables and kitchen colours from the 50s.  Like these pictures from a 1950s copy of Better Homes and Gardens...

I quilted this fairly densely, using a variety of free motion things in Aurifil 50 wt in white..  Can you see the little tiny fans, next to the flying geese blocks on the left?  I also did some straight line quilting on the outer borders.  This was the first time that I did so many different things with the quilting.  It is far from perfect but it was fun to try something different!  I also addes some extra inches to the final border to make the quilt just a little bigger.

 I used some of the Ikea Britten Numbers on the back!


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  1. I love your quilt and the fact you have so many great fabrics included . By the way I wore and apron just like that in the 50's , I know that dates me but that is a fact :-)

  2. Absolutely brilliant finish! I just love it. Good on you for trying different quilting designs.

  3. Brilliant work! It is so wonderful, unbelievable!!!

  4. The colour combo from your stash is lovely. Great medallion quilt.

  5. The quilting is spectacular. I like the color scheme, and it fits well into a Christmas color scheme, too!

  6. Wow this is truly a great expression of modern quilting that looks antique! Great colours and so fine on the quilting!

  7. Very beautiful choice of fabrics, back & front, great finish !

  8. Cathy, this is stunning. I love the color choices you made.

  9. What a beautiful quilt! I love the colors. Thanks for sharing :)