Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Quilting, quilting, quilting....

I spent a lot of time quilting my Marcelle Medallion on the weekend.  I was trying to do something a little more than just the basics.  So we have some stipples, some fans, some back and forths as well as some straight line quilting.  By then end of it, my hands were hurting and I had a stiff neck.  But it was done!  And since this was really the first time I did a combination of quilting styles, I learned a lot!

Binding comes next!

I also finished a project for a swap but that will remain a tight secret!

And I made Christmas Cakes.  You know, the English style fruit cakes loaded with candied fruit and soaked liberally with brandy.  This was the before picture and the after picture did not happen.  It made a vast quantity of batter and I abandoned the wooden spoon and just messed it all up with my hands.  Yum!  4 lovely Christmas cakes are now contemplating life wrapped up in booze soaked cheesecloth.  Linking up with Lee for Work in Progress Wednesday and the Needle and Thread Network!


  1. Beautiful Quilt and fruitcake is my favorite.

  2. That type of quilt would lend itself to different quilting designs. I bet it looks wonderful!

  3. Love the quilt and can't wait to see more of it. Good for you for trying various quilting designs in one project. I'm not quite there yet!

  4. Beautiful quilt, can't wait to see your christmas cake, any ideas how your going to decorate it?

  5. Beautiful quilt! and Oh my Christmas cake sounds so yummy right now.