Monday, May 26, 2014

Warp and Weft Sewing Society Project... just a little bit zippy!

 I wanted to make a yet another zippy pouch to demonstrate some zipper tricks and hints for my quilt guild people.  I just happened to have the perfect fat quarter of Aneela Hooey's Sew Stitchy fabric from Warp and Weft.  So here is a little Warp and Weft Sewing Society project.

Then I had a little bit of fabric left over so I made a needlebook to go along with it because I just love making needle books.  I used this tutorial for the needlebook.  


1 zipper... at least 14"
2-2" by 3" scraps for the zipper tabs.  I used some of the black dot from Lotta Jansdotter's Sylvia line also at Warp and Weft.

Prepare zipper as in my tips and hints from yesterday.

I used for the body of the pouch:

2-2" by 12" linen
2-4" by 12" Sew Stitchy
2-12" by 5" linen

2-12" by 10" Sew Stitchy

2-12" by 10"

Piece the main body fabrics and sandwich with batting.  Quilt as desired.  Make the pouch and enjoy!


  1. Your needlebook is adorbs. Lovely pouch, too. :-)

  2. So cute - great use of the Sew Stitchy fabric!

  3. These are such sweet projects, Cathy! I love the details you've used like the Sylvia fabric and the selvedge for the needle book. And those dinky scissors! They're just too precious!

  4. Sooo cute! Love that fabric!! :)