Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fabric Enabler...

I have to say that I have a thing for Suzuko Koseki fabric for Yuwa.  It is not something we see a lot of in Canada but thanks to Rita at Red Pepper Quilts, I have found Miss Matatabi fabrics on Etsy.  Frances has a lovely selection of Yuwa fabrics and her prices are very reasonable.  I thought I would share that little bit of fabric goodness as I just recently received a nice little package all the way from Japan.

And then take a look at this little piece of awesomeness.  My buddy Cynthia has a new fabric line with Robert Kaufman called Sewing Studio.  I love this and cannot wait to find it in a fabric store!!!  Take a look!
And Cynthia has giveaways all this week over at her blog.  Just saying!  And it involves fabric!!!!

More fabric news... one of my sponsors, the lovely Karen at Fabric Spot has all sorts of Cotton and Steel.  You have to go have a look.  Love it! Here and here and here... and here and here.  Did I get it all?


  1. Oh dear. I don't need any help finding fabric......
    Where is fabric spot located? I just placed a small order from Sew Sisters in Ontario. Looking forward to happy mail : )

  2. Love these fabrics , very interesting !