Monday, August 25, 2014

Just a bit of fabric for a Monday...

I was doing a little shopping at one of my sponsors the other day.  And today a lovely package of fabric goodness arrived from the Fabric Spot.    I was experiencing some buyer's regret after my Oregon trip to Sisters.  I did not get any of the Mustang Canvas when I was fabric shopping so I had to fix that and Fabric Spot has a whole lot of Cotton and Steel going on.  I love that Mustang print!  I also picked out a few other Cotton and Steel  fat quarters including Hatbox Tiger Stripes in Orange, and Homebody Button Jar in Aqua.  I selected some more Kona Parchment as it goes so nicely with linen.  I was surprised by the scale of the Button Jar.  Just so you know, the buttons are big and with lots of negative space.  I had this idea the buttons would be smaller.  It is lovely though.  I also had to get a metre of Fox Field Vintage Stars because it is beautiful.    There you have it.  Fabric happiness.