Thursday, August 28, 2014

What am I doing?

I have not been sewing much.  But I have been busy.  I am back to work.  That is one thing.  And then Mum came to visit.  Mum came bearing gifts.  Lots of fun vintage sheets which I have not yet taken pics of and a whole box of fabulous vintage fabric.  Real vintage fabric from the 40s and 50s.  Squeal!  She also brought tomatoes, peppers and grapes.  And her dehydrator.  We got chopping on Sunday.  Mostly Husband got chopping.  Mum took care of the grapes from her vines and they are now raisins.  I haven't bought raisins for years.  Thanks Mum!

Anyway.  Much chopping and stirring and simmering later, we had 53 pints of salsa and one part jar.  It took us all day but now our children and their significant others will be happy as cupcakes.  They like our salsa.  Daughter's special someone says that I have ruined him for store bought salsa.  What a sweetie.

My sewing machine is now equipped with a snazzy new automatic thread cutter.  Apparently, I am the first one to have worn out a thread cutter in all the Janome Horizon 7700s that my local Janome shop has sold.  What does that say?

Sewing this weekend.  For sure.


  1. Oh it all looks so good! It always makes you feel so good when you complete these tasks.

  2. Home made raisins? Yum! I hope you have a lovely year Cathy

  3. Yum!!! & I bet your house smells amazing with all these goodies underway! :D

  4. Have been doing nothing but canning around here! Made jelly out of our grapes...and then had so many green ones that I just gave the excess to the chickens. I guess I could've made grapes? Do you know if you can do it in the oven? My dehydrator died years ago.

  5. You get more done around there!! WOW, about time for those cinnamon rolls to be made!

  6. I should make salsa, what a great idea. I have never made raisins, something to think about.