Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Doe and some Kona

I took full advantage of Sew Sisters free shipping sale and ordered some Konas and some selections from Carolyn Friedlander's new collection for Robert Kaufman, Doe.  Now I am not sure how they managed it but super high fives to Carol and Judy at Sew Sisters because they got Doe before anybody else.  I am not even sure if the yardage is available yet even in American shops.  Seriously.  And it is just so awesome.  Clean and uncluttered as is Carolyn Friedlander's style, Doe is another winner for Robert Kaufman.  Sew Sisters also has some Architextures and Botanics.  The prices are fabulous.  I am a huge Carolyn Friedlander fan.  Can you tell?

Look at that light blue print on top.  Love it.  It is called blue sky ovals. And I picked up a few more cool Konas in greens and blues.  They will find their way into the Illusions quilt for sure.  Sew Sisters has a massive Kona selection.  The best.  Happy shopping!



  1. Love the fabrics that you picked!!

  2. Very pretty! And thanks for the tip about where to buy Kona. I'm new quilter so I'm not sure where to buy stuff sometimes. Lol. I'm going check out their store now!