Monday, January 19, 2015

Triple Zipping

 I made this set last weekend when I was a little bit tired of making Illusion blocks.  I have made many triple zip pouches thanks to Deb's tutorial.  I was able to put this one together pretty quickly and without any gnashing of teeth or stitch ripper drama.  I also made a wee needle book using my favourite tutorial from Nana and Company.  And I used my buddy Cynthia's fabric for Robert Kaufman, Sewing Studio.  This was a lot of fun.  Check out the sewing machines!!!!!  Anyway, I digress.  This is actually for next Christmas.  I am a little ahead of the game.  Mum will use this as a her gift in her weaving guild's gift exchange.  I made her a set for this last Christmas as well.  I do have fun making the needlebooks pretty!

And while you are stopping by, have a look at what Cynthia is up to... she is making excellent progress on her Aviatrix quilt and I have not even started!


  1. You are so good with zippers. That's a lovely pouch. Love the fabric you've used.

  2. Super cute needle book! I just made my first one this weekend, and can't stop admiring it. I love when something useful is also beautiful!

  3. Sew cute!!! Thanks for the link up!!
    (& hopefully hairspray lady has learned her lesson lol!)