Monday, February 16, 2015

Some pouches and some signs of spring

The other night at quilt guild, I did a wee demo on zippy pouches and zippers without zipper feet or pins.  I had prepped 3 sets of pouches to demonstrate zipper tabs etc. but the pouches remained unfinished until Saturday when I whizzed them through the sewing machine to completion.  I will have to post all my hints, tricks and favourite zippy pouch tutorials another day.

I think they will become door prizes at future meetings.  These are totally scrap projects as I used all the little bits leftover from the Robert Kaufman challenge and my string theory mini.    And I think I will just have to link up with Leanne for Scraptastic Tuesday.    Today is the last day!

I would never want to rub it in but we have had GORGEOUS weather.  Sunny and totally t-shirt weather.  The crocuses are in full bloom.  Just saying.  Here's proof.  Snowdrops too.


  1. I adore scrappy! And a girl just can't have too many pouches! lol Great job! I love that the corners of your pouches aren't slouchy (for lack of a better word). I keep trying to find a way to make my corners so they look like yours but to no avail. :( Maybe when you share your tips and tricks that will be one of them?

  2. Lovely pouches and maybe I could do with a lesson on those tips as I always use a zipper foot - thank you for joining us at #scraptastictuesday

  3. I always love your pouches I wish I could sew I always have problems.
    good for you with the good weather I do think there will be egg hunts in the snow this year'

  4. These are lovely! I love the colorful zippers and quilting.

  5. I love those pouches. I keep thinking I want to make a bunch of them to have around, in case a birthday comes up and I am not prepared. (well, that would make me prepared then, wouldn't it? :))

  6. Charming pouches. Love the dangles you've attached to the zippers. Congratulations.