Sunday, February 22, 2015

Zippers according to me

The other day, I gave a demo at quilt guild.  It was my all about zippers talk.  I actually dragged my big Janome to the meeting because it is the zipper machine.  I use my walking foot and never use the zipper foot.  Anyway, these are some of my tips and hints and links.  Have a super day!

1    Favourite places to buy zippers has to be Zip-It Zippers on Etsy… Seriously awesome and a great deal if you are looking for bulk zippers in assorted sizes and colours.  And great service. Even for us Canadians.


Favourite free zipper tutorials

Favourite places to find free patterns and great zipper tips

4    Favourite purchased zipper pouch patterns

and this one is simply the best…

Top ten tips for zippers.
1.        Don’t be afraid
2.       Throw out your zipper foot… I use my walking foot most often
3.       Who needs pins?
4.       Use zipper ends… neater tidy zipper ends. 
5.       Use zippers longer than you need so you can cut off the metal ends
6.       Be careful with your iron because zippers will melt or distort with heat. 
          I tend to finger press around zippers
7.       There is no law against stopping and starting your stitching if you need to when sewing in a       zipper.  You can feel free to start and stop in order to get the zipper tab out of your way. 
8.       But don’t stop your stitching when top stitching your zipper
9.       Learn the secrets of the zipper sandwich when making a zipper pouch…

Place your interfaced or quilted  exterior fabric right side down on top of the lining.  Right sides together, sandwiching the zipper in between with the zipper face up.

10.     You don’t actually need a pattern to make a zippy pouch…

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  1. I made 5 triple zip pouches a opulent years ago and now I think 'how did I do that?' Thanks for all the tips