Monday, April 27, 2015

On the Design Wall...

I finished putting together what I started last Saturday at the workshop with Krista.  Seriously fun to do this.  The possibilities are fabulous.  So measuring abut 30 by 34", I will finish this as a wall quilt.  I didn't get it sandwiched because I was too busy admiring it on the design wall.  I can be so focused and productive when I am sewing at home but workshops and sew-ins, I don't get much done with the exception of a whole lot of socializing.  For some reason, I was super on task with Krista and I had all the strips and the centre checkerboard finished.  My mind is now full of quilting possibilities.

Linking up with Judy for Design Wall Monday and Lee for Work in Progress Wednesday!


  1. Chess on the Steps is such a gorgeous pattern! Yours looks great, and I'm SO jealous you got to attend a workshop with Krista!!!

  2. I love the mixture of colors in your center. It brings your eye into the sand at the center of the hourglass. At least that's what I see here, and I'm into it!

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  3. This looks amazing!!! The tiny icon photo that shows up in Bloglovin' is so awesome, then when I clicked through to see the bigger version, I totally fell in love. Once those pretty jewel tones are surrounded with the grey, they pop like crazy and the overall effect is fabulous! I'm glad you got lots done in class - it was such a fun group. I'm so looking forward to seeing how you'll quilt it Cathy!

  4. Awesome quilt. Love the colors you used.