Monday, April 6, 2015

Where does time go?

First of all.  Happy Spring and Happy Easter even though both have already passed.  While I was on spring break, we picked up a few new hens to add to our little flock.  We were lucky enough to find 2 Americana layers.  We named them Hilary and Michelle after a pair of powerful American woman.  Hilary and Michelle lay very pretty eggs.  Just saying.

I also made a pile of double thick receiving blankets for my quilting buddy's new wee grandson.  She is all over the quilts so I thought a stack of super thick, cozy receiving blankets would be the ticket.  So fun!

Other than that, I made 10 cloth napkins with mitered corners today.  Managed to steam burn my thumb pressing all those quarter inch hems.  Seriously.  Ouch.

Tons of family came for Easter.  Second wedding dress fitting for daughter.  So special.  And wedding picture viewing with son and daughter in law.  Wedding plans for wedding number 2 of 2015 are shaping up as is the yard.  And that is a good thing since we are the venue!

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  1. Pretty eggs. I miss my 'girls'. Your outside wedding will be lovely. They always are. I hope the bear isn't invited ; ) is it Norman?