Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another Farmer's Wife Block!

Block #65 Peaceful Hours

This is my fourth block this week!  I took advantage of the sunshine after school today and pinned this little block on the barn wall for a photo.  This was a tricky block.  There were lots of pieces that were the reverse of other pieces.  Figuring out where to put the little pieces and their reversals was not fun!  I am glad I can check this one off.  Husband tries to show his quilting knowledge by asking me if I "fancy" cut the centre instead of "fussy" cut.  He was close, of course!

My knitting club went well but there were some really wonky little knitting samples being created!  The kids were super pumped about the little gnarly, lumpy bits they were working on!  One bit was apparently being knit for a blanket for her pet tree frog!  Hilarious!

Have a super day!


  1. gorgeous little block - love the fancy cutting!

  2. Ok! Now that one looks hard. And it is called Peaceful Hours!! too funny!