Saturday, February 25, 2012

Scrap Assault

My scraps were getting out of control.  I keep using them, but I was having organizational issues.  I debated what to do.  Yesterday, I bought some drawer organizer things to put in a drawer but when I opened up the package, I realized the spaces were too small to be useful.  I returned those this morning and bought 10 clear plastic shoe boxes.  Oh, happiness!  I spent an hour or so sorting out the scrap mess into lovely boxes.  Husband still thinks that I am using the equivalent of sawdust when I use the scraps.  He just doesn't understand!

organized scrap loveliness
I think this will help.  Just for the record, in the last year,  I have made 2 quilts completely from scraps and am nearing the finish line of my Farmer's Wife quilt which is also a scrap quilt.  Happiness!

Two thrift stores today and nothing came home.  It was a bust.  Other than that, we have had strong winds for much of the day and while we were sitting having tea with my Auntie and my Grampa, our power went out.  It has only just come on and this put a serious crimp in my sewing!!!  It was nice having tea with Grampa (94 years young this May!) and Auntie.

Have a super fabulous rest of your day!


  1. nice scrap organisation - well done - now could you come and do mine?

  2. Your scraps look so nice and organized!! Love it!!
    I am not very good with my scraps. Lately, I have been saving mine to make a Granny Square quilt.